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Sexual Transmitted Infections: The Causes Symptoms and Treatments

Sexual Transmitted Infections: The Causes Symptoms and Treatment 

STIs are caused by viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms that you can catch if you have sex with someone who is carrying one of these infections.

Symptoms can be classified into urinary symptoms, skin symptoms and general symptoms, and it can start to appear as early as 3 days after sex or can take weeks to months. Some people get infected but never develop any symptoms.

Treatment depends on the type of STI you have. Some can be treated by antibiotics and some such as Herpes and HIV are lifelong infections that have to be managed. STIs such as HPV and Hepatitis can be prevented with vaccines.

Remember, as long as you are having sex, you can have an STI. Most STIs can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

See your doctor for regular screening tests and treatment if necessary. Talk to him about getting vaccinated against Hepatitis and HPV.

Speak to our doctors if you suspect that you have had any high risk exposure to HIV.


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